Today, let’s look at the keyword of Upgrade. When you look at your life, the circumstances in it, your relationships etc, are you satisfied? Or do you have a long list of things you want to change and UPGRADE?

For me, I have to say the latter is true. It is not that I am unhappy with my life at this time. I feel very grateful for what I have and the experiences I have in my life. But I find that I am growing and changing very quickly at this time, and so I become dissatisfied with certain things around me and want to make upgrades and improvements.

Upgrading is a natural process. It starts with upgrading your state of consciousness. On a soul level, you are always growing and changing. This is your purpose in life. It is the reason that you are even here on Planet Earth. You are drawn to certain experiences because of the growth that you can have as a result. Anything that you desire in life, whether it be a material possession you would like to have, a relationship you would like to create, a business goal you would like to achieve… whatever; is there for a reason. When you have a desire for something it is because there is something in it for you. That “something” is inner growth.

On your spiritual growth journey through life you will naturally go through different phases. Some phases feel like a transition time. Some phases feel very active where you achieve a lot. Sometimes you might resist your next phase of growth and end up feeling stuck and lost. The only consistent thing in all of this is really CHANGE. We are always changing and growing within. And this means that your outer environment needs to change in order to be in harmony with the inner growth and change.

This doesn’t mean that you have to move house, quit your job or leave your marriage. It’s not always that dramatic of a change (although it sure can be!). Often it’s the little things that start to bother you. For example a couple of weeks ago I shared that I had wanted to get my ears re-pierced for a while and I was procrastinating on doing it. So I went ahead and got that upgraded! It’s a small thing but now my outer appearance can be more in harmony with the abundant, confident persona I want to feel inside. I can wear nice earrings at the next workshop I lead. It’s not really about the earrings, it’s about having everything within and without in harmony with how I feel.

I noticed I can be really bad about procrastinating on these things! Often I use money as an excuse. But why is it that I can spend $50 on a meal out but resist spending $50 on getting my ears pierced for several months? So it’s not really about money. Be careful of making excuses because often you are just covering up the real reason you won’t move forward. The real reason is Fear of Success.

Are you ready to make some upgrades? Here’s some things you can do to get started:

1. Make a list of the areas of your physical body that are bothering you and need attention.

When I did this I realized the earrings thing. I also have on my list to invest in better skincare to get rid of blackheads on my face that have been bothering me. I recently bought new glasses so my vision when driving is nice and clear. Etc.

The one thing I am going to ask you to leave off this list is losing weight. 

Instead of writing down all the areas of your body where you feel you are overweight, turn that to a health or exercise goal that you can actually achieve. Getting down on yourself is not an upgrade.

2. Go through the rooms of your house and write down all the areas that are bothering you that need attention.

Is there mess somewhere than you need to organize and declutter? Do you want to upgrade your furniture? How about your clothing?

You may not have the money to do everything at once, but just get it on the list so you can address things one by one.

3. Look at the relationships in your life and decide what needs to be upgraded.

Are there relationships that are not serving you that you need to let go of? A few years ago I realized I needed to let go of a close friendship because her energy was emotional and it was causing too much drama in my life. It was very hard to do at the time and I felt guilty. But I chose to only be around friends who supported me and encouraged me to be more successful. You’ll notice that as you start to change, some of your friends and family will try to drag you down to where you used to be, because they feel more comfortable that way.

If you don’t need to let go of relationships, how can you improve the ones you have? Do you want to create new relationships for friendship, support or business connections? I find that I need to have different friends to support me in different areas of my life. I have entrepreneur friends that I can talk to about the joys and challenges of running an online business. I have spiritual friends who have been involved in ALC who can relate to that part of my life. I have Mommy friends who can relate to the ups and downs of life with a toddler! Where are the areas of your life where you need more support?

4. Consider upgrades with how you are investing your time.

Do you spend your time involved with things that bring you joy and fulfillment? If not, consider how you can shift this. If your work is not fulfilling, what are you going to do instead? Do you have fun in your life? Or is your life all work and no play? Write down on your list of upgrades how you want to do things in your life on a daily basis. After all, the now is all we have each and every day.

After all of this, you will have a long list of upgrades. Don’t be depressed by the long list, see it as an opportunity for growth. Slowly but surely cross items off the list.

I have been addressing one upgrade on my list per day. If I don’t have the money available to do some upgrades, I look at the ones that are free. For example decluttering a room, or doing some detailed cleaning.

Remember the real reason for doing these upgrades is that it is going to energetically support you to upgrade your state of consciousness to more freedom and abundance. You will release stuck energy from your environment, which gives you more backing to achieve your abundant goals and dreams in life.